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The Sweet Tooth Shop of Plymouth CT sells Phenomenal Fudge


A Destination Location for all sweet indulgences…

Feed your cravings and come on out to scenic Litchfield county to The Sweet Tooth Candy and Ice Cream shop in lovely Plymouth Connecticut. Step through our doorstep and into the past when you see the vast selection of old fashioned candy from days past. Old fashioned candies from the past – GOOD AND PLENTY®, Salt Water Taffy, Fruit Slices, Sour Patch selections, Bit O Honey, Gummi Bears and Gummi Sharks< and dozens more! Indulge in thirty (or more) luscious flavors of premium ice cream manufactured by Buck’s “La Favorita Brand” Ice Cream, manufactured fresh right here in Connecticut. The Sweet Tooth also carries Waterbury Connecticut’s own Fascia’s Gourmet Chocolates and Shoreham Vermont’s Phenomenal Fudge, made with real Vermont cream and butter.


The Sweet Tooth
655 Main Street
Plymouth, CT 06782

Email: info@sweettoothct.com

Tap to Call – (860) 283-4566



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