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Buck’s Ice Cream is Connecticut’s premier manufacturer and distributor of premium ice cream and other dessert products to the foodservice industry.

We use only the finest ingredients available. Fresh Cream from local New England Farms, whole nuts, pure vanilla extract, dutch cocoa, and much more!

Many of our flavors are all natural, and contain no artificial colors or flavors! That’s why our Strawberry Ice Cream is a light red color, and our Pistachio is white (not neon green like those other guys!)

Since Charles Buck, Sr. began delivering ice cream out of his pickup truck to restaurants in 1950, Buck’s Ice Cream has grown to become Connecticut’s premier Ice Cream manufacturer and distributor for the food service industry. Our customers include some of the states finest restaurants, country clubs, banquet halls, and ice cream parlors.

Several things have changed since 1950, but one thing remains constant: the Buck Family’s commitment to quality products and over the top service. Now in its third generation, our family remains personally involved in every aspect of the business, and it shows.


One taste and you’ll know why so many have made Buck’s their #1 choice for premium ice cream and desserts.


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